तू मला एकदा माफ कर – 🙄🥺

राग हा रुसवा

थोडातरी सोडणा

एकदातरी एकटी

माझ्यासोबत बसणा…

राग तुझ्या मनातील

दे जरा सोडूनी

मला एकदा तू

माफ करून देणा…

ऐकावे तुझे

शब्द न शब्द

तुझ्या रागाचा हा हठ्ठ

जरासा सोडून देणा…

मनाचा राग तुझा

तू बोलूनी काढणा

एकदा तू मला

जवळ करून घेणा…


The joy of writing

👆 The likes and responses I’ve made so far from writing.

Everyone should always be like this.

I will definitely keep trying to write something new every day.

🤸🤸🤸 270 🤸🤸🤸

My heartfelt congratulations to all the readers for encouraging me to keep writing. I need that kind of response from you.I will try my best to write whatever you like.

I am glad that the presenters are enjoying reading what I am writing.

It is often a joy to be able to move forward with our own minds in everything we do.

It is known that knowledge is gained through writing but reading along with writing gives new thinking.So I think there should always be reading and writing.