Sometimes everything is against your thoughts or you should continue to move forward without relying on time. At least that moment teaches us something about speed.
The time that has come is never wasted.
Every moment is an important part of life so live every moment happily …


खरचं आज शांत राहवसं वाटतयं…

अाज शांत राहावस वाटतयं
दूर कुठे तरी निघून जावस वाटतयं ,
मनात चालाणाऱ्या संघर्षाला
दूर कुठे तरी लोटाव वाटतयं…

अाज शांत राहावस वाटतयं
नको ती आपुलकीची नाती ,
नकोत त्या विश्वासाच्या गोष्टी
मनाला शांत झोपवस वाटतयं….

अाज शांत राहावस वाटतयं.
नको तो रोज रोज आठवणींचा ओझा ,
नको आपल्यामुळे कोणा दुसऱ्याला सजा
सर्वांपासून दूर राहवस वाटतयं….


Lockdown – Pain of mind

I drew a picture of a woman.

Lackdown is the first word you hear in your life. It was as awful as that word. For a few days at first people didn’t understand much of the effect because everyone was enjoying the holiday. When the shutdown started, it took 3 days.After a period of 7 days, everything was closed, the whole of India was closed. In this lockdown, the man relaxed a bit because it was the first closed lockdown in his life.  As news of the gradual increase in the number of patients was seen on live TV, the common man became very frightened. After that, everything in the country was completely closed for one month. Only milk and some vegetable vendors were running in abundance. Sometimes day after day was coming as an obstacle for the elderly and the disabled. Everyone’s business was completely closed, so the way of income was closed. All four walls of the house were closed, as it were. People did not know what to do now. Facing such an event in life is a big challenge. After a few moments in the lockdown, when it was heard that someone’s relatives were affected by the epidemic, it was almost impossible to meet them and monitor them only through mobile phones, as all roads were closed. This time was very difficult for everyone, everyone’s grief was the same for everyone.

The situation has been going on for a long time but man has not forgotten humanity, he has taken initiative to help as much as possible and help as much as possible. This helped some very poor people to get two different meals very easily.

Some people had given up the hope of survival, the constant increase in the number of patients on TV news the increase in the number of information had made life difficult for the common man. Even with no family members, Jeeva was worried about when the person in her house would come near her or not. Someone’s son had gone out for education, while someone’s sister had gone to the village, she could not come home on her own. Someone who works outside the village for work finds it difficult to meet his family. Some get the sad news when family members are out of the house for work or for some other reason, so everyone is sad.

Some big officials like social workers, MLAs, corporators, some big men helped the poor. Many ordinary people have lost their jobs, businesses and some are doing low paid jobs. Sometimes it is one to one and a half years in such a situation. But one thing is for sure, even the most arrogant people have passed away. People who have never eaten at home with a family member also started sitting at home and giving time to their family. Then the government allowed some things, started bus & train, airplane services providing some facilities so that everyone in their house could reach home safely. The worst thing that happened during this period was that education had to be closed for some time, which caused great loss to the young generation. Sometimes education was started online but school interest was not online.

In this lockdown, however, everyone had to endure a lot. He was a manual laborer, who lost a large number of people who were paid on a daily basis and who had a monthly salary. The epidemic shut down small and large companies as their financial capital disappeared. With the departure of workers in some companies, it was time for some company owners to close the company.

In this time of epidemic, man must learn exactly how to live with everyone. Money is not everything, some things or even human life could not be saved by money.

The epidemic was later reversed, with the help of scientists, some medicines, and some vaccines. The police personnel and the authorities and the doctors had to endure a lot in this epidemic, working day and night for the betterment of the society and the citizens.The police were also working hard day and night to help everyone. The epidemic has taken a heavy toll on the police and doctors, some of whom have not been able to visit their families for months, while others have not been able to do so. Because he was in the service of the people, the people were very upset with the doctors and the police, thinking that if something happened to them, something would happen to them, they had to bear it.

Every coming moment was so horrible that every person suffered and this time will never come again. During this time some incompetent people spread rumors of unwanted lies.

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. So be it business or hand work.

The only woman in the lockdown was working hard, making breakfast, breakfast and lunch, dinner and supper.

Salute to this female power.

So something good happened.

Children who were unable to speak in the company of their parents were able to get the full time they wanted in this lockdown. Your parents work hard day and night for you.

Children and adults who have never eaten a hand-made meal for their mother or housewife will see the time it takes to make that meal and the mother’s love behind it. Today, this lockdown has given a different flavor to home cooking. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest was troubled by the habit of eating out.

Some of them pretended that I would not be able to eat it, but they also developed a love of home-made pure and fresh food.

Earlier, everyone did not have time to sit and eat together, but lockdown made it possible. All the people knew that it is possible to be frugal, even if you are rich in money, sometimes money does not come in short, so you should be frugal somewhere.

Desolate villages and towns.
Protect yourself and your family by staying at home.
Got time to stay with dad trying to learn something new ..
I got the companionship with my father’s time.
Everyone had to stay at home and suffer.
Mothers, wives, police officers or doctors and nurses worked day and night for the convenience of all.
It felt like life in the dark.
Even communication and meeting had to be done standing at a short distance.
The big cities, schools, junior colleges and shops were all completely closed.
Sometimes education was started online but I felt that the sweet interest of study was felt in the school.
There was a lot of silence in the streets and cities.
No one asked the poor.
Life is incomplete without a mask. 😜😜
Women police personnel working hard day and night in the service of the people.
These women police officers have really worked hard

Thank you very much

Some moments are very important

Some moments should be like this
Something should be ours,
There should be no one else in it..

Take the time to meet people close to you
The mind also stays happy and the people close to you also feel good because of you..

The more time we spend trying to please everyone,
The more we enjoy it.

When old people should be supported, their minds will be cherished.

Keeping the mind
Sometimes a person should also be taken care of..

Before you get too stubborn,
Think about what happens to those who don’t get anything on time..

Sometimes help the poor
Sometimes their thoughts should be kept in mind
Donating money does not diminish, always seeing a small donation.

Sometimes it feels like you have to get everything without doing anything.

It also requires hard work.

There is no need to keep on doing something, there is no intention to get anything,
There is definitely something to be learned from what we are doing and progress will be made.

Sometimes a few moments can be done but a lot is taught.

Mistakes are always very expensive ..

I don’t know how to live my life. If someone says something that makes me feel angry and angry about it, if that anger is directed at our own person, I can’t recover my mind, how can I explain all this to the person who is very dear to my mind.
I have the words to understand but they are also too few to include in any sense.
At that time, we do not intend to hurt them, but we do know that it is happening.
Will anyone test the person you love?

Please forgive me for everything my mistake…

Time always teaches something to some..

Time always teaches something to some.

There are some things that can be postponed for a while, but it can never be put to good use.
Time and time always teach the same thing, that time should always be given importance.
Therefore, whatever the time may be, it can be overcome and the event of that time passes away.
So no situation gets in the way and we become capable too.

A disappointment in life…

Singing thus song of life
A story of such a life
Going into the world of life
Being able to walk the path of life
Hope should be kept in mind
There will be ups and downs in life
I used to face difficulties
Difficulties will come and go
Sometimes this frustrated mind
Take care of yourself
Living is in God’s hands
This is the story of such a life
Life should be seen as something meaningful
One should live like this from birth to birth
Your name should be there too.

If I don’t have money in every moment of my life, I get frustrated that I don’t have money. If I want to live, I have to live somehow.
The need for money that feels like a lack of money.

There is not a single moment when a person always needs something that will not be fulfilled.

Man should make even the smallest effort rather than despair so that life can be happy, prosperous and worry free.
Life is unpleasant because of stress at home.
At the bottom of the mind, despair remains, so the mind feels.
Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people.
The frustration of having to take care of everyone every time and looking forward to the future.
Talking to small children, when someone said something at the bottom of the mind, the mind became very depressed.