तू मला एकदा माफ कर – 🙄🥺

राग हा रुसवा

थोडातरी सोडणा

एकदातरी एकटी

माझ्यासोबत बसणा…

राग तुझ्या मनातील

दे जरा सोडूनी

मला एकदा तू

माफ करून देणा…

ऐकावे तुझे

शब्द न शब्द

तुझ्या रागाचा हा हठ्ठ

जरासा सोडून देणा…

मनाचा राग तुझा

तू बोलूनी काढणा

एकदा तू मला

जवळ करून घेणा…


Mistakes are always very expensive ..

I don’t know how to live my life. If someone says something that makes me feel angry and angry about it, if that anger is directed at our own person, I can’t recover my mind, how can I explain all this to the person who is very dear to my mind.
I have the words to understand but they are also too few to include in any sense.
At that time, we do not intend to hurt them, but we do know that it is happening.
Will anyone test the person you love?

Please forgive me for everything my mistake…


Nothing is greater in this world than dreams,
When your time comes, everyone will know that he did something, so he became such a big man.
Difficulties increase, but we should win by defeating him, if you sit fighting for time, nothing will be available in the hand.
Always says money and time.
Never accept defeat, then you will find this person weak.
People here do not come to know how to make fun and know how to do it.
Things may be bad, but time will come out if it is bad.

A disappointment in life…

Singing thus song of life
A story of such a life
Going into the world of life
Being able to walk the path of life
Hope should be kept in mind
There will be ups and downs in life
I used to face difficulties
Difficulties will come and go
Sometimes this frustrated mind
Take care of yourself
Living is in God’s hands
This is the story of such a life
Life should be seen as something meaningful
One should live like this from birth to birth
Your name should be there too.

If I don’t have money in every moment of my life, I get frustrated that I don’t have money. If I want to live, I have to live somehow.
The need for money that feels like a lack of money.

There is not a single moment when a person always needs something that will not be fulfilled.

Man should make even the smallest effort rather than despair so that life can be happy, prosperous and worry free.
Life is unpleasant because of stress at home.
At the bottom of the mind, despair remains, so the mind feels.
Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people.
The frustration of having to take care of everyone every time and looking forward to the future.
Talking to small children, when someone said something at the bottom of the mind, the mind became very depressed.

The composition of words gives pleasure to the mind.

There must be something to be found beyond words
There should be nothing else in search of yourself.

These words of mine nurtured my words
Closer and suggested everything in mind.

There should be something similar to the words
There should be something like this, something new should happen out of it ..

Not aware of the art of words
But it also gives joy to the mind.

Touch changes the meaning of words
It gives courage to the structure formed by words.

A set of words

Is a tool of the group of words..
Reading is very important when it comes to changing the action of words.

The wave of the mind

The color blended into the color
With a sense of play

The color faded
As belonging

All should come closer
Play with a sense of play

The color spread all around
In joy mind was overjoyed

Towards the mind
Relationships should be closer.

The tendency to speak is also in the relationship
The lure of affection is given by giving heartfelt joy..

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