Happy Father’s Day


Sweetheart & Mother…

A woman

Then she can be a mother or a wife.

She’s an inspiration to live….

It is simply wrong for us to behave and live according to our needs, and it does not matter to anyone. So we don’t get any specific change and we also get annoyed.
A person may explain something to you once, he may explain it to you a second time, but it will not be the same for the rest of his life.
It is also true to say that how stubborn and stubborn a person should be depends on him.

That person is her……

She explains a lot…..

Be it sweetheart or mother…..

In an Argument, whose Side Should Husband Take- Wife or Mother?

Even so, his wife and mother always explained and told us in the best way.
Even if they are always against each other or do not agree with each other’s opinions, they remain loyal to us and speak to us.
The tension is that they are involved in their argument. After a few moments of arguing, they get together and live together, but they also quarrel a little. 🤔🤔😊😄🤩🤩☺️
Sometimes small things can cause a big argument to break out, and then they can argue even harder. Then sometimes they don’t even agree, they get angry because of resentment. Then they finally come back together thinking of each other.

Sometimes it feels like you don’t know who to talk to, or who to listen to. There is a mother on one side and a wife on the other side.


Family is always a very important part of your life…

We should love ourselves, this is enough.

Even if you say something about the times, then we hate ourselves.

Family is a precious way of life which always accompanies us with encouragement.

Parents Of This Birth

Blessed Blessed Parents,
  Blessed is their support.

  Born in the womb of mother,
It’s a mother’s debt.

  Mother speaks of the welfare of the world,
  Father picked it up and turned it over on his shoulder.

  Holding mother’s finger,
  The mother walks around the front yard of the house.

  The mother teaches to speak,
  Anxiously the baby waited for her to call mom.

  The whole world is hers.
  Tears welled up in her eyes when she first heard this.

  This is the concept of motherhood,
  Is better than mother.

  God also says,
She is the mother of Is better than motherthe whole world.

  He is the God of gods,
  Stay with us for a lifetime.

  This is a gift from God,
  Richer than God.

  Dad does everything for family
  The world doesn’t see anything.

Children should be seen all over the world,
  The whole world revolves around it.

  Makes the little ones big,
  Virtue should be theirs in front of the world.

That is God,
  Their debts last a lifetime.

This is a happy moment in their life.
Their role in providing their hut in every play.
They follow your footsteps in your life.
To give your stubbornness and stubbornness due to your naughty drama.
There is no shortage of upbringing.
Momentary care and their urgency.
Talking to mother and teaching customs in her manner .
She makes the concept of mother and mother a reality.
Explain certain things or re-incorporate them properly if not socialized.

The love of mother and mother brings the mind closer and a fight is created about mother.
Walking around the village carrying his father on his shoulders.
They provide comfort by keeping themselves in tension for the rest of their lives.
Living with family and getting to know them in the time they get for themselves.
A father who loves life more than himself is shaping his life with his own hands.
He is the only one who strives for his family all his life.
Parents are always ready to take care of their children’s health.
A father who always thinks of his children’s future without thinking of himself even in the last moments of his life.
Even in the last moments of their lives, when they are together, they share the thoughts of their children.

When there is money in life, you can buy the house, the servant, the things you want, but parents and their love cannot be bought with money.

I’d love you all my life, my dear mother and father..

Life of happiness

Thousands of happiness came
But don’t be sad.

Travel or life partner
Be with him for life.

Happy New Year’s 2022

The new day dawned
With new things, with love, with enthusiasm
Love should be the new novelty
New opportunity of new ideas ..

Day after day will emerge
Trying something new
Emerging foundation to keep moving forward
Something like this should be kept in mind ..

Descent, ascent and defeat, victory
An integral part of life
Sometimes losing brings happiness
Never win and celebrate..

Celebrating the day as a new day
Every day is newer than that
Getting started with this deployment
Every moment will be fun..

This is a day like this
A ray of new hope will shine
Innovation will succeed
To this pleasant life..

Happy New Year To All Friends & Family Members….

Happy New Year 2022

आईचे हे फुलपाखरू

रूप तुझे गोजिरे साजिरे
मनास खूप साजते
हव्या अशा आनंदाला उंच भरारी हव्यात
इवल्याशा पाखराला पंख हवीत.

आकाशा इतका आनंद आनंद हवा
मज्जा वाटे मनाचं पाहतच क्षणी आनंद
मोह मनात तुझ्या जवळ कोण करील
आईचे हे फुलपाखरू बापाचा त्यात जीव.

इतकासा जीव तुझ्यात
आम्हास घोर किती लावतो
आईचा ममतेचा गोडवा
कोण कसा जाणेल त्यातला तो संवाद शब्दांचा.

आईच्या खुशीत मन जेवढे हलके
आपुलकीचा जिव्हाळा टिकवून राहतो जसा
तेव्हाच जीव जडतो
या इतकुशा जीवात.

गोड हा चेहरा पाहून तिचा
मनास संतुष्टी वाटे
लक्ष्मी आहे ती या घरची
म्हणुनी आहे हा तिचा ठेवा.