लोगों को तो कहना ही है ।।

यह रातें यह बातें
कहने जैसी कोई बात नहीं
चांद की छांव के बाद
सूरज को भी तो आना है ।।

सफल हो या असफल
लोगों को तो सूनाना है
बात कोई ऐसी हो
जिसमें लोगों ने ना कहा हो ।।

बात थोड़ी कड़वी है
कहीं सच बोलने पर
गुस्सा अक्षर आता है
सही बात करने पर ।।

लोगों का तो कहना है
इनसे कुछ ना होगा
बात को सुनकर
अनसुना करना है ।।

मंजिलें तो कही है
मेहनत भी तो करनी है
हासिल होगा एक दिन
जमाने को भी तो दिखाना है ।।

हमे क्या करना है यह हमे खुद को पता होता है फिर लोग हमारे बारे मैं क्या सोचेंगे या क्या बोलेंगे यह सोचना ही नही चाहिए।।
कही बार हम यह सोचते है की वह क्या सोचते होंगे हमारे बारे मैं यही सोच के कारण हमे उदासी छाई हुई होती है ।।
जीवन आनंद और उत्साह से जीना चाहिए जैसे की हम अपने दोस्तों के साथ कुछपल बिता है वैसे ही हमे हमेशा जीना चाहिए ।।
बचपन मैं जैसे दोस्तों को यारी मैं घुलमिल जाते है वैसे ही जीने का आनंद पूरा उठाना चाहिए ।।
चाहे हम हो या बच्चे हमेशा जीवन जिनेका मकसत हमारा खुशी ही होनी चाहिए ना की कोई परेशानी का कारण ।।
हर व्यक्त नाराज़ होने अच्छा मनचाहा काम करे या मनचाहे वह घूमने निकल चल पड़े ।।

The humanity of relations

Depressed minds and lack of money can be very stressful.
This money is worth more than we are today.
No one asks and knows no one except money, even if one wants the company of a man.

Happy Father’s Day


A precious moment

Cohabitation moment after life partner ..
When the first happiness of your life, the moment of becoming a mother or father ..
Happiness and peaceful life near mother after birth ..
Caring for the mother and caring for the environment around her.
Talking to your mother, or trying to talk to her …
When you and your family live together and have a satisfying time and closeness between them.

The moment is of the moment
Something like that should stay ..

Everyone loves it
Come back …

This is the moment of the moment
Go valuable with life ..

Near everyone
One should be your person.

Life partner
There should be joy of love..

Holding hands in the journey of life is also for life ..
A moment of travel and fun …
The joy and excitement of seeing the memorable photos and the romantic memories ..
A little bigger fun ..


Sometimes everything is against your thoughts or you should continue to move forward without relying on time. At least that moment teaches us something about speed.
The time that has come is never wasted.
Every moment is an important part of life so live every moment happily …

Anger of the mind

Sometimes we get irritated with adults or even small children because the people in front of us get frustrated by saying anything out of anger.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with apologizing to people, big or small. They thinks that he is apologizing for saying so much.

You are always alone because of the habit of anger. You should always think of everyone.

Accompanied by words….

It should be beautiful.
Words should have a sweet move
Brothers and sisters should have a relationship.
The father’s hesitation should come to mind
Respect should always be there.

Beauty should appear in the mind.
There should be no color difference.
No claims without show.
There should be no market for money.