Companionship of your love ..

The smell of small flowers
The fragrance spread all around

In that gentle beauty of yours
As if to engage the mind of the mind …

The companionship of your love
The mind loves it so much

Your heart is mad at me
Since you have some meet for me

The bouquet is beautiful
As with different flowers

Your form, your beauty
You look so nice when you are shy.

This is your sweet smile
The mind feels good

I am ashamed of you
Makes the mind laugh a lot.

Love you
Let it be

In the company of your love
Let me bathe with joy.


Some feelings about the boy’s love…

I don’t want you to forget me.
My love is not too small for you to speak in words. Words can be small when love is meant to be expressed in words but love is bigger than words.So much so that for some, that love can be expressed near the mind of the person in front, he expresses his mind towards that loved one. I have the same love for words but I can’t speak.
Sometimes that person should also understand that your boyfriend is not telling you that he loves you, but should not be angry with him. Matching words or phrases can sometimes bring you closer together, but some have to get away with it.

Just for You..My Dear Love..

Life is something

Involved in you..

This mind of yours

I went crazy..

This is the moment of the moment

The hour is gone..

Life is short

The world has grown..

Moment by moment

Gone are your memories..

फक्त तुझ्यासाठी

# तु

A pleasant wait for life….

Never leave alone on the path with life walking together, the heart has become yours by stay together.
Love is very much on you, never forget that without you your heart becomes like heard.
Your words, your voice, your sweetheart and you are my sweetest.
Together never break and never let the love in your face fall away.
You are a small smile of this heart….

I’d Love You So Much Dear…..

Mother’s love is different from the world.

Mother and mother’s innocent love and affection we have been getting since we were in the mother’s womb. The mother is the only person who does not discriminate between a born boy and a girl, that is the true love of that mother towards us.
The mother and the environment around the mother are always in the abode of God.

The love of mother is different and lovely. The mother is very dear to everyone because she is always affectionate, she always loved her baby.

I’d Love You My Dear Mom..


The fear of being with you disappears for a few moments, so stay with me..

Don’t know, today there is a brief grief inside the heart.
I have everything but my heart does not want to handle myself in this crowded world.
I do not know from where this fear always haunts me,
Taking me aways a little for the happiness of a moment.
You hold my hand your hand for a few moments,
Relieved happiness, life will get me.
I’ll give you a charming smile,
If you become my life partner then.