A pleasant wait for life….

Never leave alone on the path with life walking together, the heart has become yours by stay together.
Love is very much on you, never forget that without you your heart becomes like heard.
Your words, your voice, your sweetheart and you are my sweetest.
Together never break and never let the love in your face fall away.
You are a small smile of this heart….

I’d Love You So Much Dear…..


Mother’s love is different from the world.

Mother and mother’s innocent love and affection we have been getting since we were in the mother’s womb. The mother is the only person who does not discriminate between a born boy and a girl, that is the true love of that mother towards us.
The mother and the environment around the mother are always in the abode of God.

The love of mother is different and lovely. The mother is very dear to everyone because she is always affectionate, she always loved her baby.

I’d Love You My Dear Mom..


Sweetheart & Mother…

A woman

Then she can be a mother or a wife.

She’s an inspiration to live….

It is simply wrong for us to behave and live according to our needs, and it does not matter to anyone. So we don’t get any specific change and we also get annoyed.
A person may explain something to you once, he may explain it to you a second time, but it will not be the same for the rest of his life.
It is also true to say that how stubborn and stubborn a person should be depends on him.

That person is her……

She explains a lot…..

Be it sweetheart or mother…..

In an Argument, whose Side Should Husband Take- Wife or Mother?

Even so, his wife and mother always explained and told us in the best way.
Even if they are always against each other or do not agree with each other’s opinions, they remain loyal to us and speak to us.
The tension is that they are involved in their argument. After a few moments of arguing, they get together and live together, but they also quarrel a little. 🤔🤔😊😄🤩🤩☺️
Sometimes small things can cause a big argument to break out, and then they can argue even harder. Then sometimes they don’t even agree, they get angry because of resentment. Then they finally come back together thinking of each other.

Sometimes it feels like you don’t know who to talk to, or who to listen to. There is a mother on one side and a wife on the other side.

The fear of being with you disappears for a few moments, so stay with me..

Don’t know, today there is a brief grief inside the heart.
I have everything but my heart does not want to handle myself in this crowded world.
I do not know from where this fear always haunts me,
Taking me aways a little for the happiness of a moment.
You hold my hand your hand for a few moments,
Relieved happiness, life will get me.
I’ll give you a charming smile,
If you become my life partner then.


Nothing is greater in this world than dreams,
When your time comes, everyone will know that he did something, so he became such a big man.
Difficulties increase, but we should win by defeating him, if you sit fighting for time, nothing will be available in the hand.
Always says money and time.
Never accept defeat, then you will find this person weak.
People here do not come to know how to make fun and know how to do it.
Things may be bad, but time will come out if it is bad.

Family is always a very important part of your life…

We should love ourselves, this is enough.

Even if you say something about the times, then we hate ourselves.

Family is a precious way of life which always accompanies us with encouragement.

रूप तुझे सुंदर

रूप तुझे सुंदर
सौंदर्य दिसते

देखावा हा तुझा
छान शोभून दिसतो

ऐकून आवाज तुझा
गोडवा किती वाटतो

फुलांचा हा गजरा
केसांत शोभतो

नजरेत तुला पाहूनी
मनास माझ्या वेड लागते.

सुंदर प्रेमळ व्यक्ती ही नेहमी सौंदर्याने मनमोहक व मनाची सुंदर असते.

ज्या व्यक्तीवर आपण जिवापार प्रेम करतो ती व्यक्ती प्रेमळ व मनमोहक स्वभावाची असते.