Happy Father’s Day


Companionship of your love ..

The smell of small flowers
The fragrance spread all around

In that gentle beauty of yours
As if to engage the mind of the mind …

The companionship of your love
The mind loves it so much

Your heart is mad at me
Since you have some meet for me

The bouquet is beautiful
As with different flowers

Your form, your beauty
You look so nice when you are shy.

This is your sweet smile
The mind feels good

I am ashamed of you
Makes the mind laugh a lot.

Love you
Let it be

In the company of your love
Let me bathe with joy.


A pleasant wait for life….

Never leave alone on the path with life walking together, the heart has become yours by stay together.
Love is very much on you, never forget that without you your heart becomes like heard.
Your words, your voice, your sweetheart and you are my sweetest.
Together never break and never let the love in your face fall away.
You are a small smile of this heart….

I’d Love You So Much Dear…..

तु एकदा भेट ना..

तु एकदा भेट ना….

तुझ्या आठवणीत रमतय मन
मनाच्या पलिकडे आहेतरी कोण
जिव्हाळाचा जीव हा किती आहे गोड
तुझ्यात जुळतय माझं मन…

भेटीत भेट होते तुझी छान
तुला पाहण्याचे होते मन
तुझ्या बोलण्याचे बोलच गोड
मनाला लावून जातो तुझ्या भेटीची ओढ……

Parents Of This Birth

Blessed Blessed Parents,
  Blessed is their support.

  Born in the womb of mother,
It’s a mother’s debt.

  Mother speaks of the welfare of the world,
  Father picked it up and turned it over on his shoulder.

  Holding mother’s finger,
  The mother walks around the front yard of the house.

  The mother teaches to speak,
  Anxiously the baby waited for her to call mom.

  The whole world is hers.
  Tears welled up in her eyes when she first heard this.

  This is the concept of motherhood,
  Is better than mother.

  God also says,
She is the mother of Is better than motherthe whole world.

  He is the God of gods,
  Stay with us for a lifetime.

  This is a gift from God,
  Richer than God.

  Dad does everything for family
  The world doesn’t see anything.

Children should be seen all over the world,
  The whole world revolves around it.

  Makes the little ones big,
  Virtue should be theirs in front of the world.

That is God,
  Their debts last a lifetime.

This is a happy moment in their life.
Their role in providing their hut in every play.
They follow your footsteps in your life.
To give your stubbornness and stubbornness due to your naughty drama.
There is no shortage of upbringing.
Momentary care and their urgency.
Talking to mother and teaching customs in her manner .
She makes the concept of mother and mother a reality.
Explain certain things or re-incorporate them properly if not socialized.

The love of mother and mother brings the mind closer and a fight is created about mother.
Walking around the village carrying his father on his shoulders.
They provide comfort by keeping themselves in tension for the rest of their lives.
Living with family and getting to know them in the time they get for themselves.
A father who loves life more than himself is shaping his life with his own hands.
He is the only one who strives for his family all his life.
Parents are always ready to take care of their children’s health.
A father who always thinks of his children’s future without thinking of himself even in the last moments of his life.
Even in the last moments of their lives, when they are together, they share the thoughts of their children.

When there is money in life, you can buy the house, the servant, the things you want, but parents and their love cannot be bought with money.

I’d love you all my life, my dear mother and father..

जीवन तुझ्याच नावाचे मलाच मिळाले..

हास्य तुझे सुंदर मनमोहक
जगण्यास तुझ्यासोबतचे मिळाले..

रंगतला रंग हा रंगाने रंगवला
तुझ्या नावाचा मला करून गेला..

हळद ही लागली
तुझ्याच नावाची

अंगावर शहारा येई
तुलाच पाहताना

नाती ही जुळली
सुरेखशा बंधनात..

जुळुनी आल्या रेश्माच्या गाठी
दोन घरांच्या नात्यांना धरून ठेवती..

रूप तुझे सुंदर
मनाला या भावते..

तुला पाहूनी
मन हरवून जाते..

नात्यांचे हे नाती जुळूनही गेले
तुझ्या मनास जवळ करूनही गेले..

हास्य तुझे मनमोहक
पाहण्यात शोभते..

साज हा तुझा असाच काही रहावा
तुला पाहताना काही सांगून जावा..

साथ तुझ्या सोबतीची अशी काही वेगळी
जन्मभर लाभूनी आयुष्यभर रहावी..

प्रीत तुझी ही प्रेमाची
नेहमीच प्रेमळ मिळावी…

लग्नाच्या अंगठी
सोहळा हळदीचा
हुर हूर ती लग्नाची
सोहळा लग्नाचा
मनमोहक सौंदर्य व हास्य
लग्नाच्या नंतरचे विवाहित जोडपे

My Dear Love

Every moment since I love you has been a source of joy and excitement.
The saddest thing is that I can’t love like you.
I pray to God every day that I get to sit next to you one night so that you are asleep so that I can move your head around your head with my hand. Just sit next to you and watch you. I want to pick you up and kiss you on the forehead.
I have few words for you but I have a lot of love.

I’d Love You So Much Dear Love….

She and her existence are very dear to the mind.
A different world is sitting in her existence.
Her adorable love and an charming smile.