लोगों को तो कहना ही है ।।

यह रातें यह बातें
कहने जैसी कोई बात नहीं
चांद की छांव के बाद
सूरज को भी तो आना है ।।

सफल हो या असफल
लोगों को तो सूनाना है
बात कोई ऐसी हो
जिसमें लोगों ने ना कहा हो ।।

बात थोड़ी कड़वी है
कहीं सच बोलने पर
गुस्सा अक्षर आता है
सही बात करने पर ।।

लोगों का तो कहना है
इनसे कुछ ना होगा
बात को सुनकर
अनसुना करना है ।।

मंजिलें तो कही है
मेहनत भी तो करनी है
हासिल होगा एक दिन
जमाने को भी तो दिखाना है ।।

हमे क्या करना है यह हमे खुद को पता होता है फिर लोग हमारे बारे मैं क्या सोचेंगे या क्या बोलेंगे यह सोचना ही नही चाहिए।।
कही बार हम यह सोचते है की वह क्या सोचते होंगे हमारे बारे मैं यही सोच के कारण हमे उदासी छाई हुई होती है ।।
जीवन आनंद और उत्साह से जीना चाहिए जैसे की हम अपने दोस्तों के साथ कुछपल बिता है वैसे ही हमे हमेशा जीना चाहिए ।।
बचपन मैं जैसे दोस्तों को यारी मैं घुलमिल जाते है वैसे ही जीने का आनंद पूरा उठाना चाहिए ।।
चाहे हम हो या बच्चे हमेशा जीवन जिनेका मकसत हमारा खुशी ही होनी चाहिए ना की कोई परेशानी का कारण ।।
हर व्यक्त नाराज़ होने अच्छा मनचाहा काम करे या मनचाहे वह घूमने निकल चल पड़े ।।

सफर भरी ज़िंदगी ।।

कुछ पल की खुशिया
यादों से मिट जाएगी ।।
हर वक्त जो बीता हुआ है
हमे हमेशा याद आता रहेगा ।।

एक दिन ऐसा भी होगा
हम चलते रहेंगे साथ कोई नही होगा।।
रास्तों की मंजिल मिल तो जाएगी
पर हसी भरा मौका नहीं मिल पाएगा ।।


Anger of the mind

Sometimes we get irritated with adults or even small children because the people in front of us get frustrated by saying anything out of anger.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with apologizing to people, big or small. They thinks that he is apologizing for saying so much.

You are always alone because of the habit of anger. You should always think of everyone.

Sweetheart & Mother…

A woman

Then she can be a mother or a wife.

She’s an inspiration to live….

It is simply wrong for us to behave and live according to our needs, and it does not matter to anyone. So we don’t get any specific change and we also get annoyed.
A person may explain something to you once, he may explain it to you a second time, but it will not be the same for the rest of his life.
It is also true to say that how stubborn and stubborn a person should be depends on him.

That person is her……

She explains a lot…..

Be it sweetheart or mother…..

In an Argument, whose Side Should Husband Take- Wife or Mother?

Even so, his wife and mother always explained and told us in the best way.
Even if they are always against each other or do not agree with each other’s opinions, they remain loyal to us and speak to us.
The tension is that they are involved in their argument. After a few moments of arguing, they get together and live together, but they also quarrel a little. 🤔🤔😊😄🤩🤩☺️
Sometimes small things can cause a big argument to break out, and then they can argue even harder. Then sometimes they don’t even agree, they get angry because of resentment. Then they finally come back together thinking of each other.

Sometimes it feels like you don’t know who to talk to, or who to listen to. There is a mother on one side and a wife on the other side.

Sometimes it cries and sometimes it gives joy.

Sometimes there are moments of happiness, sometimes there are moments of crisis.

The timing is the same for everyone but the timing and the situation depend on what is going to happen.

Therefore, every moment should be in the pursuit of living happily so that the sorrow will disappear ….


Happiness comes with success as you overcome obstacles and move on.


More important than what people will say, is nothing more important than what we are trying to do.
Paying attention to people leaves you wanting to achieve what you set out to achieve.
Therefore, at every step, our determination must be good and strong.
Nothing works for anyone before the preparation of the mind.
Doing things on your own will take a little longer but you will get what you want.
The joy of the mind gets a new lease of life.

Mistakes are always very expensive ..

I don’t know how to live my life. If someone says something that makes me feel angry and angry about it, if that anger is directed at our own person, I can’t recover my mind, how can I explain all this to the person who is very dear to my mind.
I have the words to understand but they are also too few to include in any sense.
At that time, we do not intend to hurt them, but we do know that it is happening.
Will anyone test the person you love?

Please forgive me for everything my mistake…