Having all this means that only your hard work and faith will achieve it.

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

The answer to the question that the mind wants is only given in time.
Sometimes we are very much worried about what will happen now and what will happen, when will happen.
Every question is disturbing to the mind, we can’t put any restrictions on the thoughts that come up or they can’t even stop.
Sometimes we are so well equipped that it is very easy for us to do any task but then we take help from others and that is when one of our decisions goes wrong.
Our thought system is so vast that it can make the impossible possible. All you need to do is to realize what you want. Sometimes things just happen without asking. Sometimes even those things cannot be achieved.


Collection can also mean storing something.

Do you have any collections?

Everyone has a hobby of collecting something from childhood. When we are little kids and go out with our mother whenever we go out, whenever she stands on the ground for some time, we immediately sit down and start throwing stones and look at things like soil to eat, such fun and beginning is our childhood.

As we grow up little by little, we first start throwing small stones in our small hands. Small small pebbles play with them and throw them up and down and want to throw them in a small pit made near them, such a game to play who will win as many pebbles as he will have such a game we played in childhood. Then at that time collecting pebbles was a collection.

Childhood was a lot of fun, there is no doubt about it. The days of playing various games and having fun in childhood are remembered as if I want to get childhood again and have fun again.

When we start going to school, we don’t want to go to school as soon as we reach the school premises, then we have to cry, then mom or dad give us some money for chocolate then we are very happy to go to school. Then collecting money is a small collection. Mom takes us to school so that we don’t cry, mom collects one chocolate and gives us all at once on holiday day, such a different kind of hobby.

Sometimes we collect coins for fun or for saving, this can also be called a collection.

Everyone’s best collection is that from childhood we save our clothes, that is always remembered because these clothes are my favorite.

Even when in school, collecting various things or pencils, pens is very fun, I will keep them like this.

Without facing some things in life, you will not understand how to face the difficulties.

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

There was once a young boy who grew up in a poor family. Despite their financial struggles, his mother always made sure that he had enough to eat and clothes to wear. She worked long hours at a factory to provide for her family.

One day, the boy’s teacher noticed that he was having trouble keeping up in class. She took the time to work with him after school and helped him improve his grades. The boy was grateful for her help and worked hard to make her proud.

Years later, the boy grew up to be a successful businessman. He never forgot the kindness of his teacher and the sacrifices his mother made for him. He used his success to give back to his community and help others in need.

The positive impact of his mother and teacher stayed with him throughout his life and inspired him to make a difference in the world.

An integral part of life that needs special attention.

How do you balance work and home life?

When it comes to balancing work and home life, the only thing that comes to mind is the one person we love dearly, dear wife.
When I say love, I always think of my girlfriend because of my undying love for her and her absolute trust in me.
When we take special care of our beloved wife, she wants nothing but us and that is very important to us. Even the person you love is treated like their own child by your family members and she also feels like one of them and she also blends in with everyone.
When she helps and cares for us in times of trouble without thinking, she maintains the domestic balance in our home and in orderly perfection.
Whenever there is any problem, she is always at the forefront and sees to it that everything goes smoothly.

That person will always be remembered who is motivated by positivity. Even time always keeps her in sweet memories.

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

Mother is our everything. The first positive feedback effect of the mother on this birth is the birth she gave us in her womb.

Mother said that the whole world seems small, nothing is wanted except her, she takes care of us by being near her and perfect for everything.
She carries us in her womb for nine months and she herself faces so many challenges, overcomes so much pain every day, spends every day and night for us and keeps pushing forward one day at a time.
A few days later, when she is able to deliver the baby, her joy is sky high. She waits to see the baby when it is born and when it comes to my happiness.

She is the only person who does not ask whether it is a boy or a girl.
When a child is born, she also has another birth because she goes out of the door of killing and gives birth to that child, so she may not ask whether it is a boy or a girl.

When a child is born, she also has another birth because she goes out of the door of killing and gives birth to that child, so she may not ask whether it is a boy or a girl.

Blessed is the Mother in whose womb we are born and she also accepts us with love.
Today we can see this world with our eyes because she gave birth to us and took care of us.
I have been watching since my childhood and parents working hard for us. After giving birth, they work hard to ensure that their children never fall short of anything, as they fall short of us. Their hard work always makes us happy.
Every step in their life they have a struggle to make them successful. They are working hard every night so that their children never miss some things.
Even though the mother gives birth, the father is also thinking of the whole life that we have to face everything for ourselves and still not get it immediately, so we should get it immediately for the children so that their happiness is never broken. Parents are always in the forefront and always want their children to get what is comfortable first.

Sometimes when they tell us no to something, we remember that they said no and we keep misunderstanding the same things.
Sometimes we also act like they say no when they can’t afford an item or something that we insist on. But in our mind we take for granted that they are not giving us what we want, we have never seen their hard work for it.
So we remember their anger when they say no to things or things and remember that they didn’t say no.
As we grow older, we hold grudges against certain things and never say no to me.

If I like anyone after my mother, my favorite person is my girlfriend.
The love after mother is also my beloved.

Like I said now that we hold the anger of our parents because of the times they say no to us, yes I was like that too.
My friend we are friends since school, she was also in classes after school. She is a good friend and never knew when she fell in love with him.
As mother keeps telling us step by step not to do it. (Good habits) She also always explains like mother.
Everything I ask her, tell her, she understands me, and if I don’t understand something, she explains it to me very well. If you need any help, keep asking me. I’ll be by your side and more. Prem said that everything feels like being near her and listening to it.
With her and her charming company, the mind feels very happy and peaceful and even pleasant.
Really sometimes I feel that I should have this company with her forever. There is a different world in front of her and she. Her anger and her anger sometimes seem like taking life, when she gets angry, then nothing is true, she doesn’t talk to me for two or four days. Her existence and she seems to me more important than myself.
When we love someone forever, we want nothing but that person. Sometimes she gets very upset and angry when angry but she is also good in heart and nature..
She is very caring and considerate and caring no matter what the situation is.
When we love her dearly, she also remains absorbed in us, and I love her very company.

Going to see her and chatting with her and seeing her miss her eyes and that cheeky smile of hers would keep me engrossed in her thoughts and falling in love with her all over again.
We talk on the phone for hours, we don’t know when the time passes, whether it was 1 hour or 2 hours.
I love her dearly and will always love her.

The person we admire may not always be in the lead. Appreciation is appreciation for a work.

List the people you admire and look to for advice…

People who have a good work ethic and want to be better at what they do.
People who are open-minded and like to discuss new ideas, even if they don’t make sense at first.
People who are willing to change and work.
People who are loyal, friends, family, ideas, mostly themselves.
People who realize that they cannot be kind to others at the cost of their own health.
People who know that love is a wonderful gift in life, at the same time know that they cannot force their love on others.
People who know how hard life is and don’t run when faced with hard facts.
People who know they are short on personality or character are still willing to work on it.
People who understand that youth does not make a man strong, that growing older does not make a man wiser or wiser, and that age does not make him all-knowing.
People who lift others up do not pull them down.
People who work to improve their community and not diminish it.
People who speak the truth are not always remembered.

Where there’s risk there’s sure to be win.

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

Taking risks is necessary to develop yourself personally so there will be no changes and matches to prove yourself between you. Taking a chance can bring tremendous benefits and possibilities that you might not otherwise have experienced, whether it’s trying a new hobby, applying for a new job, or starting a business. Along with something, when we awaken the person in us somewhere, the need to take risks and fully experience it and rush to make it happen, and we are very much punished for it.
However, because there is always the risk of failure, taking chances can also be daunting and intimidating.

This blog article will discuss the value of taking chances and give some examples from your own life.

Taking chances is important because they enable us to step outside our comfort zone and try new things. So our belief that we need to change ourselves to be successful in our lives is always at the forefront and is also strong. When we stay in our comfort zones, we limit our potential for progress. By taking chances, we can discover new interests and abilities as well as develop abilities we may not have. Plus, taking chances can open up amazing possibilities and experiences that we might not otherwise have had. By stepping outside of our comfort zone, we expose ourselves to a world of opportunities.

When we sometimes draw conclusions about what we do not know, we are therefore not always afraid and ready to take risks, and our opinion at every step is always experienced and moderated to help make our life happy and happy.
Where there is no risk, there is no desire, whether it is work or employment, whether it is one’s own business.
Always learning something new means that with experience and patience it becomes much easier to overcome time properly.

Time is determined so we change a decision so that no one gets hurt.

Write about a time when you didn’t take action but wish you had. What would you do differently?

Let me tell you from my own experience, I was working at a place where I used to reach work regularly from 10 am to 10:30 am.
Work always begins with the worship of God. There is a small temple of God where I used to work and I used to salute the temple from the entrance and start work.
The work started very well and I started working there. After a few days I completed one month of work, I got one month salary.
I was working there. He was hit by an icer truck belonging to the owner’s driver and his legs were severely hit and both his legs were shattered. Therefore, he was recruited near the place where his accident happened, he was immediately admitted to the hospital for two months after paying some money for surgery on both his legs. Except for one day, the race continued for them. How could the owner not even notice that I was spending more time at work then.
This went on for a few months and the salary started getting irregular, sometimes four or five days for the salary was here and there so it went on and on. Gradually I found the work easy and I was doing it wholeheartedly. Month after month went by and just a few days left to complete a year, this corona outbreak started. Earlier it was announced that everything would be closed for two or four days..

But the lockdown took not one or two months but more than a year and then when I called once, they picked up the call and said that your salary is not going out, but I have to take money from you. Even though there is a lockdown, even when the transport is going on, I was not paid the last month’s salary and they said that even if you come to work, I was fired.
At that time I was feeling very sad that despite working I did not get one month’s salary, at that time I also told at home my father said in lockdown let’s see otherwise you would have filed a police complaint. I felt a little better about my father that he was willing to help me. When the lockdown was announced with little regulation, I said to my father that I will tell the police officers and see if they will help me, but my father backed off and said do what you have to do.
I later asked the owner of the work several times to pay me my money but he refused me and has not paid till today. So I finally retreated that even if I could do it alone I also stopped because even the police officers would not listen to me at that time. Bad things feel that even if we act selflessly, the other person does not realize them.

It is not wrong to say that anxiety is a mental fear that haunts the mind.

What makes you nervous?

Anxiety is an integral part of a natural vision, if you don’t worry you can’t live, so it feels better to do so because it brings maximum happiness to the mind.
Worry is always nagging, the nagging question of whether we can win or move forward if we don’t do something.
From the time we are small, we cry only when the mother rushes to us and picks us up, worrying about what has happened to her baby.
We always think whether parents will bring us something to eat is a concern, so whether we stay in the world until father comes home or worry about bringing food for us when he comes.
Even when we are a little older, we feel the same anxiety.
Even at the time of the exam, there is anxiety and frustration, that is whether the study is complete or not.
Even after making some changes in yourself to succeed in life, you always feel like you have done something wrong, even if you haven’t done anything wrong, how you have failed. As we grow older, we are left with the same frustration of whether the family members are satisfied with the responsibilities that fall on us. Sometimes, despite all the efforts, the mind remains anxious and disappointed, but everything feels incomplete.

Change today is beneficial for the future.

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow.

To have your own house for the future, you should start now so that in the next 10 years you will own a small house.

We have been hearing since childhood that education for tomorrow is never better. It goes without saying that the more education there is, the more progressive life flow will be.
Grandparents also always say that it is always better to save a little money for our future. A deposit of saved money becomes a great gift for us when in our time of need it is not so big but it is special enough to support the mind.
When we save the little money we got while going to school and buy something we like or play things when we are on vacation, we also know that if we keep saving each and every penny, sometimes that amount will be in the form of a small amount but a good amount. It is also the same in our real life. It is very important that we always think about the future.
Today’s hard work will be very beneficial for tomorrow.
I will always try that it is important for me to think of saving at least a little bit for my future. Spending money and time on small things today is a huge loss for tomorrow.
Learned methods and artefacts that should be wasted on learning as much as possible today will be very useful for the future as the art is known. By applying education and knowledgable arts in the future, we can create our own unique identity and it will be important to shape our own future.
Be big enough to take responsibility for your own home and your family in the future.
While always striving for the future, we can move forward and take care of the present.
In the future, I want to live a comfortable life, even if it is small, but I can live happily for a home and family.
To be successful in life, making changes in yourself is as important as money and house for the future.
Later in life, when responsibility comes to us, it becomes very obligatory for us to make the changes we want accordingly.
Sometimes spending time with friends and partying with them is a net expense that can be put to good use and is of great benefit.
As always, save time for small things and spend the time with your family.
Achieving a quality of life that is appropriate for each day means that the future in life is accelerated.

Contentment of mind manifests itself when we are actually walking in the right place.

What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?

It’s hard to say that there is a place in the world that we wouldn’t want to visit or visit again.
It is very difficult to say anything about a place i.e. why one cannot visit it is very difficult.

Sometimes we feel something scary with us or we feel something scary in the place where we are going for a walk, or by hearing about something terrible that happened there, or by someone telling us, it can happen that when we get a fear of a place in our mind, it stays in our mind and we stop visiting it because of that.
It has also often happened that sometimes as a group we mean young boys and girls go for a walk in the mountains or forts, sometimes because of the excessive fun of the children sometimes we get killed or because of someone’s fun we have to lose our own life and we are there at that time seeing the visual consequences. Remember never to visit this place again or come here again.

Sometimes there are some places that are so scary that I am afraid to go there, such as wandering in the forest, a cave or a magical place that is strictly forbidden.

Sometimes it happens that we are in the company of our friends and when someone speaks against our mind, we always decide that we will never come to this place again.

Even when we are in our family we have seen many times that we take the same decision even after quarreling with our own family members due to some reason I will never come back to this place again.

A decision you make can change your real life, it just takes a little effort.

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

One is that when we do everything our way or are right, even when we feel mental distress, our physical life feels troubled and wanting.
Sometimes evil thoughts are running in the mind. When we and our mind don’t want anything, at that time we are disgusted with everything and make a decision, so that the pain we feel will disappear or go away, and then that decision creates good thoughts that come to us, and one in the flow of our life. Creates a good thinking system so we must stick to the decision we have made so that what we want to do at the moment is achieved properly.
I’ve even heard that our mind works to encourage our talents as we think, and it certainly helps us stand firm in our circumstances.
A decision, like a child’s mind, keeps us so happy and excited that it works to encourage our talents, while at the same time we see a different kind of happiness as sugar, and that is where we find our true happiness.
We should always try to live life like our childhood memories, that is how we should first of all celebrate the small joys in the little things with all our heart.