Some moments are very important

Some moments should be like this
Something should be ours,
There should be no one else in it..

Take the time to meet people close to you
The mind also stays happy and the people close to you also feel good because of you..

The more time we spend trying to please everyone,
The more we enjoy it.

When old people should be supported, their minds will be cherished.

Keeping the mind
Sometimes a person should also be taken care of..

Before you get too stubborn,
Think about what happens to those who don’t get anything on time..

Sometimes help the poor
Sometimes their thoughts should be kept in mind
Donating money does not diminish, always seeing a small donation.

Sometimes it feels like you have to get everything without doing anything.

It also requires hard work.

There is no need to keep on doing something, there is no intention to get anything,
There is definitely something to be learned from what we are doing and progress will be made.

Sometimes a few moments can be done but a lot is taught.


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